Nurulaini Hafizah Mohd Hafir1, Nurul Aqilah Ibrahim1

1Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah, Behrang Stesyen, 35950 Behrang, Perak


Career is one important aspect that needs to be taken heavily as early as possible. This is part of students' planning steps in determining their future path, especially on their academic route and consequently on their career path. In higher education, specifically in Politeknik Sultan Azlan Shah (PSAS), every new student will need to perform a Sidek’s Career Interest Inventory assessment during Minggu Transformasi Siswa (MTS) i.e., induction week. The assessment is part of the Modul Inspirasi Diri (MInD) under the Academic Advisory System, Department of Polytechnic and Community College Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to guide students towards excellent achievement. However, there was no other subsequent study made afterward. Thus, it is not known whether the students’ career interests will change or not after they pursue their studies. This study aims to identify if there are any changes to the student’s career interests after a year of study for the Diploma in Quantity Surveying (QS) in PSAS. This is a quantitative study that adopted Sidek’s Career Interest Inventory assessment in determining students’ career interests and changes in their career interests if any. Participants are 30 students from the QS programme Session I: 2022/2023 intake. The first assessment was conducted during the MTS and the second assessment was conducted after the students completed their second semester’s final exam. Data on students’ academic achievement in the two semesters were also collected to identify whether there is any interplay between career interest and their academic achievement. The result indicated that there were no significant changes in their career interest and academic achievement. Since the QS profession is under the Realistic (R) type, among students’ three dominant personality traits, R is part of the cluster for 67% of the students on their first assessment and 60% on the second assessment. Further study might be needed in tracing these students’ career interests and academic achievement throughout their diploma study as this might help the institution in looking for ways to help students not just excel in their studies but also in their careers.   


  Career Interest Academic Achievement, Career Interest Inventory