Katrina Amore M. Vinarao1,*

Assistant Professor III, Isabela School of Arts and Trades


The world is facing both a shortage and the mismanagement of natural resources, while the indigenous people highlighting the importance of enlisting indigenous communities to safeguard and enhance our natural resources while simultaneously empowering and enhancing their quality of life. In addition, indigenous communities frequently encounter marginalization and are underestimated by "civilized" societies. With the essential role of the government, The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), provides training, livelihood initiatives, and employment support to its stakeholders, particularly to the indigenous peoples. The study's objective is to explore the challenges faced by Indigenous Peoples during community-based training programs and examine the influence of this training on their lives. It also aims to uncover the significance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the lives of IPs, suggesting recommendations for their empowerment through such education. Additionally, it seeks to identify training necessities to enhance Indigenous Communities and conserve natural resources in Isabela. This study utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research methods for its research approach. The study also has incorporated a gender-sensitive approach throughout its research methodology. Consequently, three-quarters of the indigenous people have effectively applied the training they received, leading to positive outcomes within their communities and yielding financial benefits. This study has underscored the pivotal importance of community-based training, empowerment, and support for indigenous communities. It emphasizes the imperative of a holistic approach that addresses the economic and cultural aspirations of these communities, considering their distinctive strengths and challenges. Such initiatives hold the promise of preserving natural resources, elevating livelihoods, and empowering indigenous peoples, thereby fostering sustainable development and social equity   


  Community-based Training, Indigenous