Nor Hanani Mohd Yusoff 1,*, Ikmal Hisyam Mohamad Paris 1

1 Department of Information and Communication Technology, Politeknik Ungku Omar


The Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) is a broad statement that explains the career and professional achievements that graduates should attain after completing their studies within a period of three to five years. This study on the achievement of Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) is conducted to obtain graduates' perceptions regarding the knowledge and skills applied in the workplace based on the PEO statements. This study is crucial because graduates are one of the stakeholders entitled to acquire knowledge, technical skills, and soft skills that add value to students while pursuing their studies at Ungku Omar Polytechnic. The achievement of these PEOs is studied based on five PEOs for the Diploma in Information Technology (Digital Technology) at Ungku Omar Polytechnic. This study analyzes the overall achievement of the PEO, which includes discussions about the demographic profile of the respondents and findings from descriptive analysis. The instrument used in this study is a set of questionnaires developed concerning the Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) Achievement Study Implementation Guidelines 2021 issued by the Curriculum Division, Department of Polytechnic and Community College Education, Ministry of Higher Education. The respondents for this study are graduates who completed their studies in June and December 2018. Out of 205 graduates, a total of 158 graduates have responded to the questionnaires. The questionnaires are distributed through academic advisors. Results from the study show graduates’ perceptions of PEO are high. It can be seen from the value of the mean score and its interpretation. However, it is recommended that improvements be made to PEO 4, which received the lowest min score. This pertains to the statement that graduates possess potential and skills in entrepreneurship.



    Programme Educational Objectives Digital Technology graduates