Mohd Khairi Bin Kamarudin

Politeknik Tun Syed Nasir Syed Ismail, Kementerian Pendidikan Tinggi Malaysia 


The purpose of this project is to investigate and analyze the efficient conversion of biomass energy into electrical energy. Biomass, a renewable and sustainable energy source derived from organic materials, holds immense potential for mitigating environmental concerns and meeting growing energy demands. Through a comprehensive study encompassing various biomass sources and conversion technologies, this research aims to identify optimal methods for harnessing biomass energy to generate electricity This study investigates the conversion of biomass energy into electrical energy by utilizing palm bunches as a sustainable fuel source.

Biomass energy is a promising avenue for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing energy sustainability. In this research, we employ a multi-step approach to harness the energy potential of palm bunches. Initially, palm bunches are collected and subjected to an efficient pretreatment process to enhance their energy content. This study investigates the efficacy of utilizing palm bunches as a sustainable fuel source for generating electrical energy through biomass conversion. Through comprehensive experimentation and analysis, our research demonstrates the potential of palm bunches to efficiently produce electricity, highlighting their viability as a renewable and environmentally friendly energy solution. In conclusion, utilizing palm bunches as a sustainable biomass energy source for electricity generation proves promising. This eco-friendly method harnesses organic waste to produce clean and renewable electrical energy, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.  


  Keywords: Biomass, Palm Bunches Electricity