Mohd Mohadir Harun, Hashim B. A. Rahim @ Abd Rahman2 dan Rosmanizah Derahman


In February 2023, Malaysia’s Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh stated that the government would look into requiring mandatory payment of allowances to interns in the private sector. The issue of unpaid internship in the private sector is a long standing debate in many countries. This paper attempts to analyze the perceptions of prospective interns on unpaid internships in Malaysia using various moral theories. Primary data was collected using a semi-structured survey questionnaire containing closed and open ended questions. The findings of this study is based on a sample of ninety senior undergraduates who are required to undergo mandatory industrial training soon in order to graduate from various business courses undertaken in a public university in Malaysia. In this research, content analysis was employed to analyze the qualitative data obtained from the open ended question items in the questionnaire. Almost all respondents agreed that practicum students should be paid allowances by their practicum host organizations. A variety of reasons were cited by respondents to justify their support for mandatory paid internships. Analysis of the multitude of justifications revealed four main emergent ethical themes namely justice and fairness, ethics of care, moral rights as well as utilitarianism. The most important moral principles that underlie respondents’ justifications for mandatory paid internships, are first and foremost justice and fairness, followed by moral rights, then ethics of care and lastly utilitarianism. The results of this research enrich the long standing debate on intern remuneration by providing ethical insights from Malaysian millennials. Analyzing the discourse on unpaid internships using ethical lens provide new perspectives to contribute towards appropriate policies and guidelines on internship compensation and efficacy in Malaysia in support of skills development to drive Malaysia’s economic recovery and sustainable development


Community Based, Homestay, Young Generation, Intention